We help companies innovate and unleash their untapped potential so they can build the best possible products.

Our platform matches companies with the most qualified Design Sprint freelancers so you can work with the person who can transform your business.



Today, the rise of the “Gig Economy” enables innovation through collaboration. Organizations contracting independent workers for shorter-term engagement is increasingly common and it’s a win-win situation:

Organizations become more lean and flexible, increase their speed to market and improve innovation into projects. Individuals gain autonomy in their work life and enjoy a wider pool of projects they like and that fulfill their purpose.

At fizzibl we are rethinking and redifining what work means by enabling flexibility and power of choice for both, companies and freelancers.

Today, fizzibl is a solution where a community of the best individuals working as freelancers can connect with progressive companies and deliver outcome based work. Tomorrow, we will enable entire teams to crowd around a problem or idea and deliver the best results. Ultimately, making freelancing work not just an emerging trend rather the new normal, the new way of working.

Our vision is to create new opportunities for people through meaningful work.


Our Team


Luis Borges
(Business & Marketing)

For over six years, Luis worked at Toyota where he developed a lean thinking. With a background in Engineering and Business, he led teams in Design Sprint at Zalando for 2.5 years before starting fizzibl.

email: luis@joinachange.com


Moritz Gnann
(Product & Design)

Freelancing in Product Design and working with startups, Moritz used Design Sprints in several personal and client projects. Next to fizzibl, he is finishing his degree in Product Management at CODE University.

email: moritz@joinachange.com


What we stand for