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Duration: Half day OKRs training & On-going OKRs coaching

Industry: Coworking spaces

Team: Co-Founders and OKR Coach


“The session with our OKR Coach was in-depth and provided us with everything we needed to directly get started with our own OKRs at CoWomen. OKRs helped us to know what to focus on in our business and to measure our progress on a regular basis. Since then, we reflect on our goals weekly, have an easy and transparent way to include new team members in current events and strategy and a good basis to discuss progress”.

Sara-Marie Wiechmann,

Co-Founder – CoWomen.


The Challenge

As a startup, your most precious resource is time. Engaging in conversation with Founders, we heard their current difficulties, challenges and big decisions to take from now on about their product and company:

1. I’m feeling that our company is on a good path for growth but we can no longer afford focusing on the only metric that matters.

2. I believe there are many things that we can do at this point and that we are capable of doing them, but we are not sure which one should we prioritise now or later for our customers.

3. I sometimes feel that it’s difficult to know if we are making progress and if we are moving the needle on the right topics. Also, how can we add more transparency or visibility to the work that we do?

4. I think we get so deep into daily work and unexpected firefighting that we lose sight of what matters most. Sometimes I feel I don’t have the time to get it all done and with quality.

5. I feel that maybe we are not fast enough making decisions or performing at our best.

Initial brainstorm and clustering of OKRs for Q3 2019.

Initial brainstorm and clustering of OKRs for Q3 2019.

The guided process of the Design Sprint helped to get input from the team and taking the best features from the mobile application, but also looking for other sources of inspiration.

Voting on the different ideas

Voting on the different ideas


On the last day we tested the prototype. Gathering and keeping the team together for 4 straight days in the same room helped Talentcube drastically accelerate product development and include Engineers in the design process.

The Design Sprint brought them closer to their users by getting valuable feedback and helped the whole team move forward under a shared vision.