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Das Merch is a Linz-based startup offering merchandise to companies through individual designs, high quality textiles and fair production in Europe.



Duration: 4-Days Design Sprint

Industry: Fashion / E-commerce

Team: Founder, Designer, Sales & Marketing.
1 Facilitator

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“It was so great to experience for the first time how a Design Sprint can help us move quicker and be extremely focus on solving one big challenge for our business. This was such a great experience for us and now we are highly motivated to get this going and build our solution with confidence and real validation from customers. The facilitator guided us and within 4 days we developed a high-fidelity prototype. It's not just the tool which is very helpful but of course the guidance with hands-on mentality.”

Founder, Vresh & Das Merch,

Klaus Buchroithner


The Challenge

Before the sprint, the vast majority of merchandise orders were placed and negotiated via phone or email which made the sales process and interactions with customers inefficient and time consuming. The current tool available on dasmerch.com didn’t fulfill the needs of the customers and since its launching it has been used very few times.

In the brief before the Design Sprint we developed the following challenge:

“How might we improve the ordering process while keeping the personal touch with our stakeholders?”

We wanted to design and build an intuitive ordering flow that helps companies request their textiles and offers a superior user experience in order to replace the current Offer Kit tool. Right now the tool can be accessed through our home page but this is confusing and our customers don’t use it. 

For Das Merch, this is important because in the mid-term the design of the tool will be handed over to a software company for development and by then establish the ground to include products from other companies as well. The goal is to ensure better delivery times and increase the conversion of the tool and ultimately increase monthly revenue by 20% per month.

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The Design Sprint was the guiding process to tackle customers’ problems one by one. By the power of individual solutions, the team build a combination of the best ideas to build a prototype that by far enhances the current ordering tool and drastically improves the inefficiencies in the sales process.

In a 4-Day Design Sprint, a high-fidelity prototype was put together and tested with 5 active customers.

This enabled the team to have a solid plan and a clear user experience to start building the tool with validated learning.

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On the last day we tested the prototype, validated customers’ problems and frustrations and we were able to reply clearly with “YES” or “NO” the main hypotheses we had previous the Sprint.

The high-fidelity prototype looked like this:

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