What is a Design Sprint?

It’s a 4-5 days process to solve big challenges by building and testing a prototype with users. The Design Sprint aligns teams under a shared vision and works towards a common goal. It vastly reduces development time and costs.

“The sprint gives our startups a superpower. They can fast-forward into the future to see their finished product and customer reactions before making any expensive commitments.”
— Jake Knapp, originator of Design Sprints at Google Ventures

How it works

This is a quick introduction to the Design Sprint method by its creator, Jake Knapp.


Why use a Design Sprint?


Accelerate Product Development


Truly understand your customers


Aling your team & foster innovation

When do we recommend it?

A Design Sprint helps you to reduce risks when your organization is facing big challenges.

It’s an excellent starting point to kick-off new initiatives, this could be a new product, feature, process or starting a new business or solving a challenge with an existing product.

What do you get out of a Design Sprint?


Tested prototype

Clear insights and next steps


Shared understanding & vision



Find your Design Sprint facilitator

We created a community of highly qualified freelancers with diverse backgrounds and exceptional skills facilitating Design Sprints vetted by our team.

You can simply request a list of candidates best suited for your project.