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Design Sprint is a proven process for solving problem efficiently be testing ideas in just 5 days



OKRs is a versatile goal management framework helping companies implement strategy


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Design Sprint

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Design Sprint

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Who we are

We are team of experienced Design Sprint Masters and Business Strategists.
We’ve run 30+ Design Sprints and have helped and empowered companies to embed innovation in their culture.


Luis Borges
(Business & Marketing)

For over six years, Luis worked at Toyota where he developed a lean thinking. With a background in Engineering and Business, he led teams in Design Sprint at Zalando for 3 years before starting fizzibl.



Moritz Gnann
(Product & Design)

Freelancing in Product Design and working with startups, Moritz used Design Sprints in several personal and client projects. Next to fizzibl, he is finishing his degree in Product Management at CODE University.



Freelancers for Design Sprints

We also work with a community of freelancers highly skilled in Product Innovation across industries.
We ensure the best possible experience for our clients by running brilliantly executed Design Sprints.


Our Clients


“This was such a great experience for us and now we are highly motivated to get this going and build our solution with confidence and real validation from customers. The facilitator guided us and within 4 days we developed a high-fidelity prototype with hands-on mentality.”

Founder of Vresh & Das Merch, Klaus Buchroithner


“It was astonishing how much we achieved in such a short timeframe. The facilitator ensured that we were always moving in the right direction and that the team stayed motivated. The Design Sprint enabled every participant to contribute their ideas and shape the prototype.”

Co-Founder of Talentcube, Sebastian Niewöhner

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We developed tech products at startups, corporates and non-profits and helped many organizations and teams. If you want to build innovative products that customers love and want to create a culture for productivity and openness we can support you along the way.