Talentcube is a Munich-based startup providing a recruiting platform specialized on video job application to improve the application process for both applicants and employers.



Duration: 4-Days Design Sprint

Industry: Recruiting / Tech

Team: Co-Founder, Designer, Frontend Engineer, Backend Engineer, Marketing Expert and one Facilitator


“It was astonishing how much we achieved in such a short timeframe. The facilitator ensured that we were always moving in the right direction and that the team stayed motivated. The Design Sprint enabled every participant to contribute their ideas and shape the prototype.”

Co-Founder, Mobile and Business Development,

Sebastian Niewöhner


The Challenge

Before the sprint, all job applications of users were going through their mobile app. In order to create a smooth experience for the applicants they also wanted to offer a webapp for desktop.

In the brief before the Design Sprint we developed the following challenge:

“How might we create a webapp to transfer the Talentcube experience to desktop”?

It should contain all functionalities of the mobile app and also include new features that become possible due to the new landscape. We want to to decrease time and effort to input data, enable recording of application videos and uploading documents from the computer.

The combination of mobile and desktop should be seamless and compliment each other to create the best possible experience for the user.”

The team is sketching solutions

The team is sketching solutions

The guided process of the Design Sprint helped to get input from the team and taking the best features from the mobile application, but also looking for other sources of inspiration.

Voting on the different ideas

Voting on the different ideas


On the last day we tested the prototype. Gathering and keeping the team together for 4 straight days in the same room helped Talentcube drastically accelerate product development and include Engineers in the design process.

The Design Sprint brought them closer to their users by getting valuable feedback and helped the whole team move forward under a shared vision.

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